Safety Relevant Ignition Processes

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Physical and chemical models for ignition processes

Temperature field during a spark ignition

Ignition processes are governed by a strong interaction of chemical kinetics, molecular transport and flow. In order to allow a reliable modeling of such processes and to obtain overall models with a predictive character, sophisticated models have to be devised which are able to describe the variety of different processes. The goal of this project is to develop and supply simulation tools for the various ignition processes investigated within the research group (auto-ignition, ignition by hot walls, ignition by electrical discharges, ignition by hot jets and ignition in turbulent flow fields). In the first  phase the emphasis will be on the underlying physico-chemical models, and the spatial configurations will be simplified to generic one-dimensional geometries.


Project leaderProf. Dr.rer.nat Ulrich Maas
PhD studentOpens window for sending emailSimon Fischer

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